Make America Lit Again - Pledge Music Launch!

Dec 2 | Posted by: Lit

We are excited to announce that we've teamed up Pledge Music and will be releasing a new Lit album in 2017! Check out the list of one-of-a-kind memorabilia items from our own personal collections, as well as unique in-person experiences. Every person who pledges will get two tracks immediately, a few along the way, and you'll be the first to get the final product before it hits the streets. There's something on our Pledge page for everyone and lots of great gift ideas as we approach the holidays. You can get tattooed with us, own A Jay's blue suit from "My Own Worst Enemy," Jeremy's guitar from the Miserable video, have us come play a show in your living room, get the signed handwritten lyrics to a song you love. There are lots of options and there will be more to come. Tell us what you want to see and we will do our best to add it! We can't wait to share this experience with you all. This is a unique chance to literally own a piece of the Lit past and the Lit future! Thank you to ALL of our fans and we hope you'll help us meet our Pledge campaign goal and get this new album out to the world.

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