A. Jay Popoff Featured on Journey Of A Frontman

Jan 6 | Posted by: Lit

Check out this interview with Alex Obert of Journey Of A Frontman. He and A. Jay got on the line to talk new music, the UK tour, and what's next for the band.

About the band's growth since multi-platinum A Place in the Sun, Popoff says: "We have a really awesome core following that has followed us every step of the way. But for those who maybe haven’t bought a record since A Place in the Sun, you’re gonna hear a record that’s like an old high school friend or someone you were buddies with in college and you’re just catching up. We've grown up and we’ve matured a lot with what we’re writing about. We’ve had life changes. If you grew up on Lit, there’s a chance you’ve grown up a little bit, you got married and maybe had kids, maybe gone through a divorce. All the things we’ve gone through, I think a lot of the Lit fans have gone through as well."

Read the full article here

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